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How to distinguish the present honey from a fake


1. It is not out of place to pay attention to its consistence.

2. Honey - a product which practically does not spoil, and term of its storage has no restrictions.

3. Qualitative honey should not foam

4. Frequently dishonest beekeepers feed to bees a sugar syrup.

5. In general honey crystal-clear does not happen

6. In bank there should not be a stratification.

7. Is better honey from a fake the laboratory which is available in each market will distinguish.

8. Honey which is on sale in shops packed up, - transparent, liquid and … dead

9. For the same reason honey cannot be mixed with hot tea

10. You can keep honey for many years

11. The litre of mature honey should weigh not less than 1,4 kg.

12. Natural honey "is reeled up" on a spoon, in a jar lays down a hill.

13. Qualitative honey is completely dissolved in water.

14. Drip on honey vinegar, will hiss - in him there is a chalk (add for density).

15. The best honey - cellular.

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